January 3 2014

100% Restore From Backups Successful

Posted on the 10:08 am under Backup by Darren Boyer

Closing the year 2013 out and welcoming the year 2014 with excitement is probably common for many businesses. PCIT is in the midst of this cycle. Revenue grew by just over 25% and 2014 looks to have potential.
As we are reviewing our year end performance one of the things we look at is how often did backup requests come in and how good were we at restoring data when requested. Initial results show 6 requests for data restores and 5 successful restores. This looks like an 83% success rate. We are counting the success rate as 100% as the one data point that was not restored was months and months older than what backups we had to access. Going back over 5 months of backup data the file was still not correct. Though the file wasn’t restored the client was able to restore the precedent (this restore was for a law office) and continue operations with no impact.
Delivering a very high quality backup both onsite and offsite is very important to PCIT as a company. This takes time and proper tools that adds up to a significant expense for each of our client sites. The alternative to careful data backup management is often ‘setting and forgetting’ it. This often looks like a viable option but we have learned from observation that the success rate from this type of approach is almost never 100%.

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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