March 28 2011

April 19th, BlackBerry PlayBook comes to Canada

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The tablet market here in the Peace Region is undoubtedly dominated by iPads. As of today, no high end tablet producer has been able to undercut Apple when it comes to pricing. But the BlackBerry PlayBook seems all set to break the record with its manufacturer, Research In Motion, citing that PlayBooks will be sold at $20 below the price of iPads in Canada beginning April 19.

The PlayBook will be offered in three versions with 16-, 32- and 64- gigabytes at $500, $600 and $700 (Canadian) . Now that RIM has given the iPad competition on price, RIM now has even more matters to look after that will make the PlayBook the better choice. Handling Flash multimedia or more robust multitasking are just two of the features that are likely to make the PlayBook stand out.

The PlayBook will not only come with Wi-Fi capability, but the device can also be tethered to the BlackBerry to share a data plan. This is a feature which you will find in iPads, as well. Nonetheless, there are major differences between these tablets that could well decide their fate. An iPad has a 9.7-inch display while a PlayBook bears a 7-inch display. Likewise, PlayBooks can handle Flash Multimedia which iPads cannot.

The iPad, however, has a big advantage over the PlayBook in terms of tablet-optimized applications. There are far more tablet-optimized applications for the iPad than for the PlayBook. With the lower price tag and the number of retail stores that will be stocking the PlayBook (which is almost double the number of stores selling iPads), the PlayBook is all set to take the tablet market by storm. But, some factors say it isn’t so. RBC expects RIM to sell about only four million PlayBook units by the end of this year compared to a whopping 30 million iPad units. And there are some people who say a few bucks won’t be able to sway the market dominance in favor of the PlayBook.

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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