October 4 2013

Automatic Updates Working Well

Posted on the 02:05 pm under Monthly News,Network Management by Darren Boyer

September was a great month for many reasons.  One of the most exciting  things around the office was reading our internal reports about how automatic application updates have been managed so consistently for our customers. 

After business hours PCIT is hard at work making sure all those pesky bubbles asking to update different things like java, iTunes, Skype, and Adobe Acrobat go away.  We are also focused on keeping customers Microsoft patching current and measure patching on an ongoing basis across our client base.  Here are some of the numbers that made us happy.

FireFox % Updated


Flash % Updated


iTunes % Updated


Java % Updated


QuickTime % Updated


Reader % Updated


Shockwave % Updated


Skype % Updated


Servers with service Packs current 93%

Workstations with patching currentover 95%

Boring? Yes absolutely.  We like boring for our customers when it comes to the volume of technical issues their staff face.  Give us boring over firefighting any day.  We look at these little details and watch over them constantly so security risks are better managed and compatibility issues with other programs are managed in a consistent manner.    If that means most people just roll their eyes and don’t want to talk about it – Oh well.  It may be a little bit boring of a conversation piece but its something we feel good about.

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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