February 8 2011

Can you believe in your wildest dreams that the Internet could ever run out of internet protocol addresses. I mean after all, everyone considers the Internet to be this big, expansive and limitless space, right? It’s true. So, you might say, why should I be concerned? Well, for one reason, if the big internet giants like Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and others are scrambling to upgrade their networks as a consequence of this impending event, then everyone should be on the alert.

What is IPv4?

There have been many revisions to how network addresses or internet protocol (IP) addresses are handled on the Internet. The current version being used today is internet protocol version 4; however, it won’t be long before the Internet won’t have any more available IP addresses.

What is a typical IP address?

Once you are connected to the Internet, you are assigned your own IP address. Usually the addresses are up to 12 digits long. Not all IP address are standardized to a specific format; they could actually fall into its own “class,” depending on how a person intends to use the Web, say for private or public use. Not only that, each time you go to say, Facebook, you are going to Facebook’s IP address; no one else can share that IP address.

What are they going to do about it?

According to the article Web Running Out of Addresses recently published in the WSJ.com, there is a new internet addressing system that is in the background that will be called into use when the time is right. The problem is that it’s not compatible with IPv4. So, a select few companies will test out the replacement which will be the internet protocol version 6 (IPv6). As stated in the article, “A permanent shift to a new Internet addressing system is still years off. But it is now inevitable, said Lorenzo Colitti, an engineer at Google who is helping to oversee the search company’s transition to IPv6. Switching to the new network, “is critical to preserving the Internet as we know it,” he said, adding it’s the only way that Google will be able to be accessible to future users of the Internet.

What can you do now?

First of all, become as knowledgeable as you can on upcoming technologies and IT companies that can help you when the time comes closer to take action. You will want a company you can depend on who has experience and integrity — like PCIT. We have years of knowledge and expertise to work hand in hand with you while preparing for the transition, as well as implementation. At PCIT, we offer managed IT services and tech support packages to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) perform at new levels. Contact our Grande Prairie Support team today at 1-866-933-PCIT to see how more than 24 years of industry experience can benefit your business.

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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