April 10 2011

Canadians Want More From Their Smart Phones

Posted on the 08:33 pm under Mobility by Darren Boyer

According to Canadian mobile experts, Canadian mobile phone users are increasingly using the various functions their mobile devices have to offer.

Many are now adopting web browsing, social networking, online shopping and mapping services to find small businesses. Canadians seem to be embracing these features as the mobile phone market matures and more players start to offer mobile versions of their solutions.

BlackBerry, iPhone or Android – Canadians are pushing the envelope when it comes to using the smartphones.  We see it everyday here in Grande Prairie.  Our team of Grande Prairie IT specialists now support equal amounts of smart device as we do PCs and laptops.

Phone calls, text messaging, email, calendars and contact management were the most used features just a few years ago. Today, the results of web browsing, social networking, global positioning system-based services, and signing up for mobile contests and promotions have been pulled into analyzed and results aggregated from a recent survey from Delvinia.

The online survey of 23,144 respondents provides substantial proof that social media has been incorporated into just about every single aspect of Canadian life. It also shows that people who create social media content are not the same as those who follow it. Though those functions fall into the second half of the list, with phone calls and text messaging being right at the top, recent surveys have shown that many Canadian smart phone users are now adopting these features found in many of the leading smart devices.

Additional findings from the Delvinia survey revealed that the usage of more advanced smartphone features and social networking via smartphones has seen some notable changes in just a year. Web browsing rose to 40 percent, GPS and mapping usage rose from 21 to 26 percent and the number of Facebook users rose by 4 percent (from 22 percent to 26 percent). Subscription and mobile alerts, contest and promotions, and mobile purchasing are other features that witnessed significant changes.

As more smartphone features are being introduced, the number of people using them is on the rise. Similarly, the appearance of smartphones in business has influenced people’s decision to buy more and complementary gadgets. 5 percent of Canadian business professionals use iPads with 17% intending to invest in tablet technology this year.

What we are witnessing here is a shift from the era of ordinary phones to the post iPhone era with mobile phone users increasingly using advanced features. And, there could be no better time for businesses to create a mobile presence and adopt mobile solutions than this.

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Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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