June 9 2016

Negotiate and win everytime when held for digital ransom 02:58 pm

Fortunately, up until now our clients have had a zero negotiation policy when it comes negotiating with cyber-terrorists.  These criminals hold people’s data and network for ransom instead of kidnapping people.  Our current negotiation policy is to have a valid backup and be 100% confident it is working everyday.

I know from being in the trenches it takes steady professional  human involvement to be 100% confident.   Even then a frequent stress test is important to really prove everything in the system works when it is called upon.

We have probably seen 15 times now when our clients data has been almost 100% completely gone unless the ransom is paid.  Not once have we asked our clients to open a bitcoin account to pay the terrorist.

When the FBI’s official position is to pay the ransom, the University of Calgary pays the ransom and other really big organizations pay the ransom it is reassuring we have kept our clients from that position.

It turns out terrorism is a good business.  This concept has been so lucrative instead of being shut down since appearing over 18 months ago the types of threats are increasing in severity and cost to go free.  If this continues it will likely increase the cost of insurance because when data is lost someone is going to pay.  If the client has an IT contractor I’m pretty sure the client won’t feel like they are the one who needs to pay….

I believe end user training, disciplined security procedures, and a great backup are all a part of preventing a digital ‘kidnapping’.  Technology can also play a great role in prevention.  If you have a sense of uneasiness about the security of your data perhaps we should talk.

Working with the team here at pcit there is always that little sense of question everytime we hear a breach occurred.  Everyone wants to reach Bernhard, our backup specialist, right away to confirm everything is ok.   Once we hear everything is ok calm then ensues.  We go on with the restore, the removal of the infection and everyone else goes back to work knowing the resolution is at hand.   Another digital heist prevented with no ransom paid and fortunately no lost data.

February 23 2012

The Easiest, Fastest, and Safest Way to Reliably Backup all of Your Important Information 07:41 am

As a company working hard to give our customer’s a technological edge pcit has reviewed an exhaustive list of options to deliver data backup and quick disaster recovery.  After testing several options we are very confident that the Data Safe backup system we have developed in conjunction with industry leading vendors is the most competitive in the market.  Below is an overview of how the offering may benefit any organization.

Pcit Data Safe data backup and restore system is unlike many traditional data protection tools in that it does NOT require any human assistance beyond the initial installation and setup.  There is no media to install, remove, protect, or replace.  Data Safe backup is also highly secure and only you have access to your data.

How would I Restore My Data?

The Data Safe Backup client has all the capabilities to restore your data when and where you want it.  You simply launch the Data Safe Backup Restore Wizard and follow the simple yet powerful wizard. Point and click to choose what to restore in an explorer-style interface. Choose to restore the current version of your data or perform a point-in-time restore simply by selecting the date. Data can be restored to their original locations or to an alternate location.

 When restoring, choose to restore from either your local backups or the remote backups from an easy drop down menu. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data can be restored lightning fast from your local backups after minor emergencies, but that your data is also safely stored off-site after real disasters. You get the benefits of both worlds, all for the same price!

What pcit Data Safe Delivers

Backup from Anywhere – Secure backups can be accomplished from any Internet connection.

Flexible Version Control – Provides unmatched flexibility in storing multiple versions of the same document.   Definable down to the individual file.   Easy to recover a previous version.

Secure Off-Site Storage – A redundant copy of all of your critical information is stored in our secure data center.  If your system crashes or your laptop is stolen, your important information is still safe and easily restored at any time day or night.

No Hardware to Fail or Maintain – No bad media, broken tape drives, misplaced tapes or faulty CD drives.  Your secure backup process is completely software driven and your backup is stored off-site without the hassle of putting tapes or CDs in another location. 

Automated Processing – Be sure your data is being backed up correctly with our easy to use automated system.   No operator error or forgotten backups.   You even receive automatic reminders if you forget to backup your data!

May 25 2011

Do you have a business continuity plan in place? 07:53 am

If you ever needed a reason to look at your business continuity strategies just look at the wonky weather, storms and fires that have destroyed businesses and lifes of Albertans in Slave Lake.  Combine this with flooding in Manitoba and deadly twisters that have destroyed towns in Missouri and Oklahoma. Having a plan to protect your business is essential.

Your business must have a robust business continuity strategy now.

If you run a small or medium-sized business and don’t have a disaster recovery plan already, get one now.  We are sure you are hearing this message from many technology firms in the Grande Prairie area.  Disaster recovery and planning is a hot topic within the IT community.  pcit has made it a cornerstone of our offering to provide business continuity services for quite some time.  This focus on making sure your business information is safe, secure and accessible at all times truly makes us unique.

Disasters are everyday news these days.  Floods in the Midwest, fires striking and wiping out entire communities and earthquakes crippling entire economies are opening the eyes of the once “it won’t happen to me” business owners.  Every business must have a plan to deal with events that may have a negative impact on their business.

A recent study by security giant Symantec has revealed some pretty scary facts for small businesses, and the failure to act now could land them in serious trouble. Among those surveyed, nearly half of the businesses have no security or disaster preparedness plan in place. Owing to outages and service interruptions caused by a faulty or nonexistent disaster-preparedness plan, a small and medium-sized business could lose an average amount of $12,500 a day!

Proving the fact that small and medium-sized businesses are taking security too lightly, the study by Symantec has also revealed that of those 50% without a security or disaster preparedness plan (1288 SMBs from around the world were surveyed), 36 per cent had intentions of getting a plan in the future while the remaining 14% did not even have disaster recovery plans on their agenda. The study has also found that most SMBs act only when it is too late resulting in lost revenue not only for them but for their clients as well. 552 clients of small and medium-sized businesses were surveyed, and more than half of them responded that they have had to switch providers in the past because of their service being unreliable and irresponsible.

So, for the sake of yourself AND for the sake of your clients, get going now. Devise a disaster recovery plan in order to ensure that your operations are smooth and efficient and to improve your response to your clients. Don’t wait for a specific time in the future, and don’t wait for something utterly horrible to happen. After all, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Talk to us today; we can help you.

January 7 2011

Do you test your Grande Prairie Disaster Recovery Plan? 07:35 am

A disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. A business disaster can happen at any time and hit the business in many ways. A disaster can be artificial or human error or the wrath of Mother Nature. Business disasters happen, and it is not if it happens but when it happens.

Grande Prairie and the entire Peace Region is not immune to weather related disasters. Heavy snow has been known to have caused the odd roof cave in and when you add human error, technical malfunctions, fire and the list of potential threats is endless. Your Peace Region business can not guard against every threat to business. But you can be ready!

Is your business ready? Have you tested all levels of your preparation plan just to be sure?

When testing, it is critically important to test against like and unlikely events, ensuring that all proper steps and measures are taken for all scenarios.

Your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) has four major steps:

  • Walkthroughs
  • Simulations
  • Parallel Testing
  • Full-Interruption Testing

We must thoroughly test our DRPs to decrease disruptions and confusions when a business disaster occurs. Testing will save you time and valuable resources. It will enable your business to get back online quickly with minimal disruption.

Over the next few weeks, PCIT will be expanding on all the four major steps above and offering suggestions and recommendations which will make sure your business is ready for when the next natural disaster hits or even when an employee deletes critical files on the server. What do you do and how do you get that information back quickly?  This is what we strive to answer through our blog.

PCIT offers full data backup services, disaster recovery planning and consulting to make sure your Grande Prairie business is properly prepared. We invite you to contact us at (866) 933-PCIT to arrange a consultation with one of our team members today.