September 14 2011

Anyone who manages staff  that use a computer should watch the video posted at YouTube simulating a day in the life of Joe.    The video describes how Joe, part of the marketing department has been authorized to do certain things on the internet that may be of benefit to the company and is restricted from doing other things.  It also highlights a lot of the technology pcit puts in place for offices in the region.

Part 1 – Signing In

Joe starts off his day by signing in to his computer and automatically he is asked to confirm he is aware of the companies Acceptable Use Policy. The Policy itself is loaded onto Joe’s computer screen with a little button asking him to agree before being able to proceed.   After clicking ‘I Agree’ to the Corporate Policy Joe proceeds to start off his day by clicking to Facebook.

Part 2 – Facebook For Company Yes – Facebook For Joe NO

As Joe is in the marketing department he is given access to Facebook with the goal that any corporate activity or communication can use Facebook to help leverage results.  However Joe decides that before checking out the company site a little chatting with friends is important.  Facebook chat however shows zero friends are available.  This is because the Fortinet guarding the company’s network will allow the marketing department access to Facebook but not the Facebook chat application.  Next up is an attempt to start up Farmville on Facebook.  In this case Farmville simply never starts.  So Joe browses over to the new games section of Facebook and notices some interesting titles.  Again, they don’t start. 

With no games or chat to get the day going a quick update on Justin Bieber and a link to check out his latest video is the next step.  This time the text is available but the new video won’t play.  Trying the same thing on YouTube Joe still can’t get the video to play. 

Part 3 – Card Games Used to Be After Work Was Over

Since Facebook was not working like it does at home Joe decides that a little online gaming is needed to get the adrenalin going before work starts.  Searching on Google produces zero links that work.  In fact, most of his favourite sites don’t even show up in the Google Search.  Maybe Google is just having a bad day…. 

Part 4 – Show me the deals

Looking for the best deals can be addictive and today Joe is feeling the need for some sports equipment.  As a member of the marketing department the corporate FortiGate Firewall allows staff 30 minutes on Ebay each day.  Joe is just about to swoop down and get the best deal when…..time’s up and access to the site isn’t available any more.  Bad luck, maybe tomorrow will be better.

Part 5 – A Few Questions

The next morning Joe’s manager meets with Joe and asks if he is aware of the company’s Acceptable Use Policy.  The IT department just sent to management all of the time staff spend on different websites using the corporate network.  This includes all of the buttons and Google Searches that were attempted for each staff member.  Joe’s report is pretty long and involved. ….

To see what ever happened to Joe be sure to search You Tube for – Controlling Web 2.0 Applications and Preventing Data Loss with FortiGate.  If you’re concerned that there may be some ‘Joe’s’ using your network give us a call.


Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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