April 16 2015

Do More With Less

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Controlling Costs and getting productivity per staff member as high as possible is more important than ever.   In 2014 finding good people was a significant business challenge for several of our customers.  In 2015 getting the A players to work with what they have is turning out to be a new found focus.

Leveraging technology is one area where an organization can operate more lean.  After great people, great management and great strategy technology is one of the remaining ‘levers’ that can be used to differentiate.

PCIT takes the following approach for customers needing to do more with less.  They are listed in order.

  1. Get the lights on and keep them on.  IT needs to be dependable and show good value for the money.  This has to come first for any owner or manager to trust IT that they can execute on any further steps.
  2. Ensure the ‘lights are on’ for the right foundation of infrastructure.  Chronic underinvestment in the core foundation is a common thread for both public and private organizations we meet with in Grande Prairie and area.  Management are often told they can do it ‘cheaper’ by network management companies.  Without a good baseline for comparison ‘doing it cheaper’ can soon lead to an under investment in the foundation of a network resulting in crumbling results.
  3. Application development – application leverage.  The right applications can be a huge competitive advantage.  We have seen local businesses rise like a rocket when they can serve customers better faster and cheaper with a good application.
  4. Business process redesign.  Many stable industries use applications that change little.  Their gains often come from automating manual processes or showing staff and management better ways to leverage the tools they have.
  5. Manage organizational change.  It takes more than a computer geek to pull this one off.  Consider this principle in the following way.  When Information Technology teams or people execute at a very efficient and high level they become more accustomed to change than almost any other aspect of the business.  Documentation, change management, measurement of results, uptime calculations and more are part of a really good Project Management teams skill set.  What better way to roll out change than get these skilled Project Managers involved as contributors when other non-technology changes are to be implemented in the organization.  You can tell you’ve arrived when these people start getting poached by other departments.

We didn’t invent this list.  Analyst organizations like Gartner have observed over the last 15 years this list is a reality that great organizations leverage to get better results.

The next time plans are rolled out to do more with less ensure consider these five principles.  Perhaps they can be incorporated into the plan and ‘the computers can do more of the work.’

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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