March 31 2011

Five Great Mobile Applications

Posted on the 05:24 am under Mobility by Darren Boyer

Mobile apps are mushrooming like never before with amazing features. But sometimes amazing is just not enough, the apps ought to be loaded with outstanding features.

Here are five mobile apps that truly stand out:

  1. Tango:  This peer-to-peer video-chatting app is available for iPhone and Android and uses your phone’s front-facing as well as back-facing cameras to give you high quality video chatting. You can make video calls from an iPhone to an Android phone over 4G, Wi-Fi and 3G and turn the video on or off during the call. It also does the favor of finding your friends with the same app and adds them to your list within the app automatically. And you don’t even have to create a profile, just install the app and you are ready to go.
  2. Firefox 4.0 for Android: Unlike Firefox Alpha for Android, this one is much faster and lets you sync your desktop history, bookmarks, and passwords and it also lets you open tabs between your desktop and your phone. You can also customize the browser with add-ons and what you will love about FireFox Beta is its Bar-a search bar that keeps track of websites you often visit.
  3. PhoneTell for Android: PhoneTell is one of the smartest apps you can get for your Android, and by “smart”, we mean extremely smart. This app creates a master contact for each after it has pulled in your contacts from sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn and associated them with the existing contacts on your phone. It also gets accustomed to your calling habits and makes smart decisions that make your calling easy. Plus, if you are getting a call from an unknown number, it goes into the 300 million-entry database of business and personal contact records and finds out who is calling you.
  4. Evri for Android and iPhone: This app lets you browse through content pulled in from thousands of online publishers and helps you navigate easily through the content. Evri is perfect for navigating through content on mobile phones what with the limited space available.
  5. Micello for Android, iPad, iPhone: Micello is a free app that maps the insides of structures like shopping malls, airports, hospitals and business campuses. It’s a great app for merchants and advertisers to find prospective customers.

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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