July 31 2012

Food Options and IT in Philadelphia

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French Fries and Omellete for breakfast

Breakfast at renowned Chickies & Pete’s. Watch out for those peppers inside!

Last week Darren (me) had an amazing trip to Philadelphia. Meeting with other IT Network Support businesses and learning from experts in the industry was very helpful. In comparing some of our service metrics with other business owners I was once again encouraged by the results pcit has achieved over the last quarter.
One of the industry leaders at the meeting has an IT support company just a few hours down the road in Pittsburgh. PC Network Services looks like any other support company from their website but they run one of the best SMB support companies around. Getting to meet Peter Briden and hear how he approaches customer service and good network management was one of the highlights of the trip. Cisco also kind enough to offer a draw for a free OnPlus service. I was very intrigued by the offering in speaking with them and will be delighted to test out the gift they gave!
One other thing aspect that I always find interesting is the differences in food between the eastern US and Grande Prairie. Of course they have more seafood available and things like bass, lobster, shellfish are fresher and more available. There are also lots of Italian restaurants in Philadelphia.
Of course there are the really big differences too. For example my 6am breakfast in the airport started off with a breakfast at Chickies & Pete’s. Apparently a very popular restaurant but French fries 1st thing in the morning was highly unusual. Not to mention the omelette was filled with cherry peppers. Oh man that was hot!

Also very memorable are the pretzel buns seemingly served everywhere. The Hyatt always has these very large buns which my photo doesn’t do justice of. Very tasty – but hold the mustard.

Sample of Pretzels served over lunch

Lunch or Dessert? – Pretzels bread is commonly available in Philly

Then there are the very memorable steakhouses. Below is a sample from the Union Trust Steak House. Who would have thought Philadelphia has such amazing steak houses coming from Alberta? This was the least expensive options – $46 for a filet mignon. Like I say these steakhouses are very memorable…. And it is more than just the food. The prices still stand out several days later. If you do go and are hungry don’t forget to order side dishes. For the uninitiated these are served in separate dishes. If no one chooses the macaroni and cheese make sure you do. Somehow these steakhouses make this simple dish the highlight of the other options. It is unforgettable. Also unforgettable was the game the group played. The lucky winner of who guesses closest to the tab would get a free meal. The winning submission was $1730 (including tip). Let’s just say everyone else had to put in $115 that night. Yes!

Filet Mignon at Union Trust Steakhouse

$46 for 1 steak and a sprig of Rosemary

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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