July 21 2016

In the final 4 months before 2016 ends here are some practical suggestions to get $2 back for every $1 spent.

Lower Operating Expense by $1-4,000 per month with Autoworked

PCIT has a new service called Autoworked that can eliminate hundreds of hours of computer input via automation technology.  It is very exciting for several customers.  The biggest barrier to date has been educating potential customers that there is a very new and creative method to doing common work most never considered possible to automate.  Organizations with 3 or more staff involved in accounting related work can typically free up the equivalent of 1 full time staff member.  It may sound harsh but manual data entry into accounting systems is on the way to being eliminated.

Leverage proven technology related methodology

Let me give a real example we just ran across last week.  A junior energy company asked us to move one of their branch office in northern Alberta.  In the process we found 3 bottlenecks to productivity that were virtually invisible but pervasive.  The local area manager had a folder in Outlook filled with IT related emails about some changes he needed.  Multiplied by several other area managers across Canada this energy company was losing TIME from some of their most valuable resources.  In this case the resource was a productive, experienced area manager.  What he was dealing with wasn’t downtime or poor support.   Instead the company had good quality network gear, a great remote connection technology and a solid Virtual Private Network (VPN).

We told the area manager he was losing hours because the design was dated and inefficient for both field users and administrators.  It was also missing redundancy at key points of failure further increasing the productive time lost.

Net result from all of this was that a small investment of $10k per site was going to immediately stop this area managers inbox from being filled with IT related issues.  The value he could generate with the time savings was way past the $10k spend.  What was needed was an approach that was accountable to the uptime delivered.  An approach that also took some effort to measure productivity versus an acceptable standard would be even better.  What the client had instead were great technical contacts who were ‘doing their job’ very efficiently.   To them the standard being delivered was fine.  To an outsider technology was being supported but it wasn’t being leveraged.  An easy payback of $2 for every $1 invested within 4 months was possible.

Leverage Automated Invoicing Technology

Because pcit has shown potential customers how to eliminate hundreds of hours of data entry we have had several contacts ask us if we can automate field related ticket entry into their invoicing system as well.   What we’ve found so far is that the ideal solutions are industry specific.  If the reader happens to be in the construction or Oilfield Services industry they may want to discuss our findings to date.  There are some proven tools out there that could deliver a payback very quickly.

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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