November 4 2011

Since 2008 pcit has recommended all customers protect their email from spam and virus’ using McAfee’s Cloud security system. We recently came across this collection of testimonials and thought it would be of benefit to our readers.

 “McAfee SaaS Email Protection offers an accurate spam filtering solution with extensive reporting and management tools in a hosted product.” FAHMIDA Y. RASHID, Computer Reseller News (CRN) SECURITY BAKE-OFF

 “I am extremely satisfied so far with McAfee. I haven’t had one person complain about spam. That is a first since I have been here at Kozeny-Wagner. I would definitely recommend it to others. The set-up is easy, and very user friendly. Thanks for selling such a great product!” – Adam Ponzar, Information Technology Associate, Kozeny-Wagner, Inc.

 “The support staff is knowledgeable and helpful. My questions are answered promptly. I think we’ve placed fewer than 10 calls in two years so that says something about how well everything is working.  We’re very happy with McAfee and welcome the opportunity to recommend the Email Protection Service to others.” − Bill Kisse, CEO, Electronic Systems Services

  “The McAfee solution provides the City of Kearney with the ability to filter outgoing as well as incoming email for about the same price as our former solution which filtered inbound messages only. We really appreciate the fact that the solution spools our mail if our server goes down – a feature that has worked very well the few times we have needed it. And, support has been good although we’ve had few instances to use it, which we believe is a credit to the reliability and ease of the solution. It’s a great option for anyone needing an effective email filtering solution. In fact, our reporting shows that only about 5-15 percent of the email sent to us actually gets to our servers. We get the good mail and the junk stays outside our network.” − Mike Klaus, Information Systems Manager, City Of Kearney  

“I would like to commend your staff and services for flawless performance during a three-day power outage at our office. From the moment we went down, McAfee began spooling email. I was able to contact your tech support to give our users access to their spooled email, while I worked on setting up a temporary office. Once I got my mail server backup I was able to use your management portal to re-direct the spooled email to our new location. No email was lost and there was very little interruption to our email service as a result. Once back in the building, it was just a few minutes to put everything back and email was flowing again. As they say, you proved your mettle this week.” − Richard Giroux, Information Technology Manager, Whitelaw Twining Law Corporation

 “From the beginning, it was clear that the solution just worked. With a minimal investment in time, I’ve received an enormous payback.” − Peter Christianson, Systems Support Manager, Information Services, Middlesex Hospital

“We like the disaster recovery that’s build into the spooling capability, which keeps us up and running during outages or maintenance. Our loan officers simply log in to send and receive emails.” − David Ricci, Information Technology Director, Mortgage Master Inc.

“If you want the best spam/virus/content filtering solution out there, go with McAfee. My server has gone from being pummeled by 16,000 spam and viruses a day to ZERO. Very, very nice. It makes my iPhone’s email abilities useful again, all the while providing me with peace-of-mind by protecting my less tech-savvy users from phishing scams. As the quantity of spam and virus email continues to grow at the alarmingly exponential rate it has over the past year, you can bet that McAfee’s service is worth every penny to me.” − Jory K. Prum, Studio Jory

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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