November 1 2011

pcit Offered Exclusive Membership

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October has marked an exciting month at pcit on several fronts. One of the biggest developments was an invitation from Tech Data to become a member in the exclusive TechSelect program. TechData is a technology distributor ranked number 109 on the Fortune 500. TechSelect membership is limited to just 60 IT support companies in Canada. This is a small group out of the 5,000 that Tech Data does business with in Canada and I look forward to passing the value of our membership on to our customers.   

I believe there will be several benefits to being an active member in this program. One of the components of membership are regular meetings. There are both regional and national conferences that are intended to be a venue where companies can learn from each other. Meeting with 60 other IT support companies that are delivering network management solutions to their clients across Canada we are likely to hear of other successful approaches that can be adopted into our business.

 Representing new and successful technologies will also be an important value that can be passed on to customers. Tech Data arranges meetings with leading manufacturers to demonstrate the value of the solutions they deliver. In September I was able to meet personally with representatives of IBM and Lenovo to discuss how their products impact customers in the market segments pcit serves.

Greater access to support for training and certification resources is a bonus that everyone at our office is looking forward to. Staff will receive extra support to achieve Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and other’s certifications as a means to ensure our knowledge is always on the leading edge of the technology curve. In addition, TechData’s Advanced Technology Solutions Centre is available to pcit staff. This showcase of leading IT solutions operating in a live environment gives pcit access to over $750,000 of equipment to work with on a hands on basis and to demonstrate to customers via video conferencing how a solution may benefit their environment. 

– Darren Boyer

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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