June 30 2014

Recently I sat in on a presentation from HP where they had the choice to choose any product or service that they offer and focus on it in a room full of leading IT support providers in Canada.  It was interesting that in a portfolio that includes cloud services, analytics services, mobile solutions, a great server portfolio and some industry leading backup technologies HP focused their discussion on printers.

If someone would have told me I was about to be subjected to a 45 minute review of printers it probably would have lead to a visit to Starbucks before to help keep me awake.  Depending on the day I may have even chose to get a coffee during the presentation rather than be subjected to 45 minutes looking at different models numbers that I would never remember anyway.

What took place in that meeting was amazing.  It was such a game changer in the venue of printing that I was taken aback.  Not only did HP have breakthrough technology this technology was directly applicable to many of our customers.  What they had come up with was a new ‘OfficeJet’ series based on what is commonly called InkJet technology.  Except instead of being on the slower to print side and being expensive like typical Inkjet type technologies these models were half the price.  Not half the price of InkJet printing but half the price of laser printing in some cases.  Even if small companies can shave 10% off of printing costs in many cases that is $200- $500 per year.  If they could save 50% that could be $2500 or more in many cases.  This cost is often not very visible but it can take over the ‘Office Supplies’ account on a Profit and Loss Statement.

What was also exciting is that this printing technology was fast.  Faster than laser in many cases.  Up to 70 pages per minute in full color.  That is fast enough for almost all of our clients printing needs.

Not only was it fast but it was more energy efficient.  The electricity used was lower and less heat was needed to generate the printing.  At that time and after subsequent analysis I am not aware of any reason NOT to shortlist this technology for printing needs.  Any feedback otherwise would be very informative and helpful.

Full colour and multifunction models were available and the price seemed to be very reasonable.  Sometimes saving money with technology comes down to managing the simple things.  In this case if an organization is budgeting for new printers I recommend taking a very careful look at the HP OfficeJet Enterprise series to see if there is a model that may fit your needs.

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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