May 2 2011

Saving Money on Cheques and Deposit Books

Posted on the 08:16 am under Business by Darren Boyer

Did you ever order cheques for your accounting software and feel like they were a little expensive? There is a better way and over the last several months pcit has been testing various systems and has found a great supplier who is both economical and offers excellent service.

Accounting software such as Quickbooks or Simply Accounting allow anyone using the software to order pre-printed cheques and deposit books. Normally the software developers have an agreement with a cheque printing service and it is very easy to order the cheques right from inside the software. Once you specify your banking credentials and company information a cheque supplier can prepare the pre-printed cheques and a couple days later they arrive.

However, using the ‘recommended supplier’ or software companies cheque service isn’t the only option. Having ordered cheques and other preprinted forms from various suppliers I can easily recommend Cheque Depot, in Vancouver BC, as a better alternative to the cheque printing services offered by the software companies. The cheques pcit ordered were delivered in a very timely fashion and their process ensures that the order was going to be completed to our satisfaction BEFORE sending it to the printers. And the part I liked the best was that their cheque prices and shipping rates were very low. They advertise up to 50% savings over other suppliers. (Watch out for those offering the lowest price online as the rate quoted does not include shipping. After the shipping is added Cheque Depot offers value and has great service.)

Speaking with Terry from the Cheque Depot office I was instructed on why the product was one of the best in the marketplace but the reasons for this escape me at this time. I do remember their service includes all the latest security features and is fully compliant with the Canadian banking system. We ordered the basic blue and when they arrived they looked fine.

Pre-printed cheques are a great time saver for our IT company. We also have started using pre-printed electronic deposit forms and dropped using the manual deposit books. Not only has this cut our time to prepare deposits by seemingly ½ it also cuts down our time spent with the teller making a deposit. The tellers don’t count the cheques and they don’t review the deposit totals. Our experience with preprinted forms has been overall very positive and we would recommend anyone with the opportunity to start using them.

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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