April 21 2011

Technology Upgrade at Our Office

Posted on the 06:14 pm under Asset Management,Computer Hardware by Darren Boyer

Getting new stuff can be fun.  This month Blair, pcit’s Centralized Services and Customer Care Centre Lead, became the first person in our IT business to get an upgrade to three monitors.  Each monitor was a brand new full size 22” Lenovo L2251p with tilt, swivel and raise capability.  That is over 66” of screen real estate and it is a good thing Blair has a big desk.  Aside from the cool factor anyone who has ever had more than one monitor knows how much nicer it is.  With three big screens it is very easy to have the equivalent of 6 desktops in front of you.  Several studies have also confirmed that workers doing the same job can get more done in the same period of time when they have multiple screens to work with. 

Windows 7 makes multiple monitors easier to work with as pressing the Windows button on the keyboard and then the left or right arrow key instantly makes the open window take up ½ of the screen.  (Try this a couple times, it can be very helpful.)  It is not uncommon for Blair to have 20+ applications open at any one time so it is likely he will get good use out of all three monitors.

In addition to the new LCD screens his computer was also upgraded to the highest class Lenovo workstation, the C20.  Blair aptly named this new machine ‘MissionControl’.  It has 12GB of RAM and a Pentium Xeon 2.27GHz processor.  The purpose of this machine is to quickly reproduce a client’s environment.  This ThinkStation actually runs 6 different virtual environments in addition to his regular computer and is normally meant for high end engineering or media applications.  Each of the 6 virtual machines has a different combination of Windows Operating System and Windows Office version.  So for example, if a client has Windows XP with Office 2003 and the latest update damaged Windows PowerPoint files Blair can than access one of these virtual desktop that is configured the same way instantly.  He can then begin to do troubleshooting in our environment with minimal disruption to the customer.  It is also possible to test updates before we apply them to our client’s environments.  This includes the new Internet Explorer 9, Adobe Updates, Java updates, and any other update that may come along.  Having multiple machines to perform testing and optimization with is a very valuable tool to help us keep our company goal of having an average resolution time that is under 1 hour for service requests.  It also helps us disrupt the end user as little as possible.

Lenovo certainly was of great assistance in making this new technology available to our office.  Their Technology Access Program allows an IT company like ours to purchase the newest technology at a generous discount.

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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