May 30 2012

In a recent meeting with 9 other Network IT services companies from all over North America including Los Angeles, Orange County, Boston, Washington DC and Toronto the CEO of an 18 person Service company made this statement about pcit.  ‘You have the best service delivery of anyone in this group….. You are so process orientated. “  It was a bit of a shock  but coming from a peer I respect and getting a general acceptance from other companies in the room this was a great confidence boost (Thanks Myles).

How far things have come from leaving a great full time job four years ago with nothing more than a vision that IT management could be delivered in a better way for customers in Grande Prairie region.  In fact, sometime I joke we started this business with no experience, no capital, no customers, no connections, and no proven product.  Most of this is unfortunately true….

The basis for this statement were the performance metrics that each service company tracks and brings for comparison to the meeting.  As a group of IT support companies we measure things like:

  • How many requests are responded to the same day?
  • How long does it take for each service request to be resolved?
  • What kind of an impact is our service having in reducing the overall count of service requests?

Measuring these kind of performance numbers helps give a clearer insight how our customers feel about pcit’s support and where we need to improve.   It fits nicely with our first core value at pcit which is “We are the best at technology solutions, ROI for clients and customer service. “  Do we get this perfect every day?  Not yet –  but we are constantly working on getting better.  And doing our best to enjoy the journey…

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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