March 21 2016

The cloud simplified

Posted on the 02:52 pm under Business,Cloud Computing by Darren Boyer

Marc Saltzman at the recent Growing the North conference, reminded the audience that. “There is no such thing as a cloud, it is just someone else’s computer.”  Clear, comical and concise.  To many in the audience the marketing hype was now clear and the definition simplified.

So if the cloud is someone else’s computer paying for that service is the equivalent to paying rent.  If you need ongoing rental services of someone else’s computer who is that likely a good deal for?  Yes, rent is fantastic for an occasional user.  I rent lawn care equipment and power tools when needed.  Our company rents moving equipment when upgrading the office.  The reason we don’t rent much of anything else for the office is that it is expensive.

If you have occasional, infrequent needs for technology resources rent is a great way to go as well.  Rent a server for an afternoon for testing.  Rent some storage for a couple weeks for a project.  Rent a website for a couple months for some marketing, you get the idea.

Recently we met with a couple energy service clients.  Cash flow was important.  Return on investment was important.  Price was important.  Anyone taking a critical view of ongoing rental services for their technology is probably going to find a lower cost, higher payback method pretty quick.  It doesn’t take a fancy title or high math to calculate that the cost to use someone else’s computer adds up to a lot more money than buying your own computer to do the job.

In its essence that is the cloud simplified.

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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