February 11 2011

Top Ten Ways to Safeguard Your Laptop from Theft

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Dave Chappelle from CRN Canada covered a timely story from Brigadoon Software, makers of PC Phone Home and Mc Phone Home tools to prevent computer theft.  Their ten ways to prevent your laptop from being stolen is a good reminder on the importance of ensuring your computer equipment is safeguarded.

Some of the tips may appear to be common sense. However, there are many laptops stolen from hotels, restaurants and even from the back of oilfield worker vehicles and trucks.

  1. Record the make, model and serial number of your laptop and store it in a safe place for later identification.
  2. Engrave your name and telephone number on to or inside the case of your laptop.
  3. Never leave your laptop unattended/unsecured anywhere.
  4. Carry your laptop in a nondescript carrying case when moving about.
  5. Never leave your laptop in plain sight in your vehicle. Secure it in the trunk or take it with you.
  6. Never check your laptop as luggage when traveling. Keep it with you.
  7. Never put your laptop on a conveyor belt at any security checkpoint until it’s your turn to pass through. Never let it out of your sight.
  8. Encrypt all proprietary data. Use strong encryption. DON’T encrypt the entire hard drive. Let the computer boot into a guest account to allow tracking software to send its location message.
  9. Be extra vigilant in restaurants, libraries, rest rooms and when using public phones.
  10. Install tracking software on your laptop to find it anywhere in the world. Don’t be a victim like people who ignore these tips and have their laptops stolen.

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Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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