May 30 2012

With hosted Exchange 2010 available from pcit we feel we have partnered with the best company in the business to deliver email services in the cloud. IT managers and business owners frequently ask for input on whether it’s time to upgrade from older Exchange versions or POP email and how they should use the cloud for the network IT management. We use the following information to help guide us in our decisions. Excerpts in quotes below are straight from analyst firm Osterman Research and are the unbiased facts on hosted Exchange 2010 whether you choose our service or not.

The Older Your Email System, The Greater the Benefits of Exchange 2010
Says Osterman Research, “One of the more important reasons to upgrade to a newer version of Exchange – and Exchange 2010 in particular – is that it can lower the cost of managing the Exchange infrastructure and improve the value that an organization can derive from their Exchange investment.” Users migrating from POP email platforms also benefit with hosted Exchange features such as shared online calendars for easy scheduling and full synchronization between smartphones and email.

Unlimited Size Mailboxes
“Exchange 2010 can support larger mailboxes than previous versions of Exchange, a particularly important capability given the increasing use of email, greater use of attachments, use of larger attachments (e.g., multimedia, video, etc.) and the like.” In fact some of our customers now have unlimited size mailboxes.

Remote Access to Email From Any Device Any Time
“Because about two in five users employ a web browser other than Internet Explorer, support for a variety of browsers in Exchange 2010 will significantly improve the user experience, offering significant improvements in usability and overall satisfaction.” Features like instant messaging are also built right into the browser.

A track Record Matters More than an SLA
It is possible to get Hosted email with a 99.999% Service Level Agreement while most advertise 99.99% uptime. Our approach however, is that SLA’s are in many ways a waste or paper. Would our customer’s really feel happier when we tell them the 2 hour outage was well within the SLA agreement so we are delivering a good service? Not likely. Instead of an organization who hides behind SLA advertising we focus on someone with a track record. A really good track record. Everyone has outages, Microsoft Office 365, Google’s Gmail. We go with companies that have less outages.
Put another way multimillion dollar infrastructures are helpful as long as the people managing the infrastructure can demonstrate a process and a track record that delivers a stable client experience.

Improved Archiving and Retention Capabilities
“The email archiving capabilities included in Exchange 2010 have been significantly improved compared to previous versions of Exchange.” This means users now have the ability to store and search all corporate emails without 3rd party applications in many cases.

Support From A Human – Not a Website
Ever try to get really good, really fast support from a website? The combination of these two qualities delivered over the internet aren’t common. One of pcit’s most careful considerations is how our partners deliver support. If we can’t pick up the phone and contact someone who is qualified to handle the problem when a serious issue arises the partner is probably not a good fit. As professionals in the business we understand the importance of process to any IT support arrangement. However, process can turn into lousy customer service if it isn’t managed well. North American based support with an instant escalation path can mean all the difference for a mission critical service like email.

Other Benefits…
For a copy of the complete Osterman Research white paper call pcit to talk to one of our representatives.

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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