September 28 2011

Why I’m Not Buying an iPad

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‘…or a Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy, ThinkPad Tablet or any other Android based tablet.’

I thought I wanted an iPad.  The idea of a device that could turn on quickly, store a lot of books and be able to do other things like browse the internet seemed like a great idea.  For $600 it wasn’t a lot of money either. Going without a keyboard would be ok as normally I would also have a Lenovo X200 tablet that could also be used.  My X200 ‘old style’ tablet has Windows 7 and takes less than 20 seconds to start using it after powering on.  Still the idea of something that was almost instant was very attractive.

Getting an iPhone at the beginning of 2011 I also was getting familiar with things like iTunes and how the Apple Operating System called iOS worked.  So getting an iPad seemed like a good next step. Some of our clients were also buying them and the possibilities seemed to be so large that I wondered what all was being missed by me not taking the plunge and getting a new tablet device.

One of my closest friends offered to buy me an Amazon Kindle.  In fact he said you couldn’t give him an iPad.  I knew he was a long time Blackberry user and all of his family used Blackberry’s because of the Messenger functionality.  At first I assumed this was just prejudice against Apple but to be sure I asked why.  The answer surprised me.  The iPad has a backlit display and it is hard on your eyes.  I spend enough time looking at a computer screen all day so sitting and reading from one at night or while travelling doesn’t interest me.”  I think my friend is right.

The Easiest Electronic Device To Read From Ever

If you have never had an Amazon Kindle in your hand it is hard to say how much easier a device it is to use for reading.  Let’s just say it is a BIG improvement over other options.  The Kindle uses a technology called E Ink and it is just like reading text from a book.  Walk outside under direct sunlight and the text is still there.  Go to a dark room and you have to turn on a light to read.   This isn’t a disadvantage – it is a major step up in technology from what I can see.  In fact I have never used an electronic device that is so nice to read from.

Amazon builds these devices with 3G or wifi so it is possible to get books in seconds once you have an Amazon account.  These books are available at a discount to the paper copy and there is no waiting for the mail to come.  See a book you like and in less than 30 minutes your copy is ready to read.

It is also possible to load Word documents and pdf’s onto the device via a USB cable.  This is very easy to use and the device stores the content and saves the exact place where you were reading for every document.  Very handy.

Going forward I plan to leave the office with a mobile phone, laptop, and Kindle.  An iPad seems redundant.  There is so little on an iPad that my mobile phone or laptop can’t do better getting this device seems pointless at this time.  Also there is no device for reading that is better than the Kindle.  Since the iPad doesn’t replace a laptop (it isn’t designed to), nor does it replace a mobile phone I think for now I’ll jump off this fad bus.

                – Darren Boyer

Written by Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer is the founder and president of pcit.

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